“My Dumaguete adventure made me REALIZE to write again.”

It’s been a long time, since I wasn’t able to write all my adventures. I can’t even think a single word for my caption in Facebook and any social media account. Others think that my happiness was the reason that I can’t write. Is it true that I am happy? The answer is maybe. Yah! I became more productive and motivated last month even had a lot of problems encountered every day. Maybe you can see me smiling, but it doesn’t mean that I’m totally happy, I’ve just learned how to deal with the trials in life. How to avoid negativity and fill it with positivity.

Speaking of positivity and aiming for a true happiness. Going through with different adventures is my way of fulfilling it.

My Negros adventures made me realize to put my adventures into words again. I don’t know the reason , but I’ve just felt it. Maybe, I just love to read again my journey few years from now.

In this adventure, I was accompanied by my beautiful scammer friend ERA. hahaha https://myendlessfootsteps.wordpress.com/

Others thought that we were already in a relationship but they’re all wrong. We’re just friend, like the characters of AYA AND SID MOVIE released a few months ago. It is NOT A LOVE STORY HAHAHA.

Other’s called me chickboy, chickmagnet, hokage but I’m not. I’m just a TRAVELWABLE FRIEND that willing to be your travel buddy. haha

Okay! Let’s go back to my Negros adventure. As always, like in my previous adventures. It was also my unplanned trip. Think now, go later. That’s me, always love to surprise myself.

It’s a cold Saturday night when we left Cebu. I could still remember maybe it was around 11pm. We arrived Dumaguete safely around 6am through My bus(south bus to Santander) and a barge from Santander to Sibulan.

We didn’t waste time and we found a driver who could bring us to our first destination, which is the PULANG BATO FALLS. He offered us a very low fare for all of our Negros destination.

So after we made a deal, we hurriedly go to our destinations. The Pulang Bato Falls, Smokey mountain, Casaroro falls, and Tierra Alta. Believe me it or not. We’ve done visiting all of those destination before 12 noon. Since we didn’t have enough sleep so we decided to have one more destination and went home. That was the Twin lake. It was not easy to go there. It took a period of time before you reach it and unfortunately the rain poured down, but we didn’t stop until we reached our last destination.

Twin lake has a lot to offer, but our body was freezing because of non stop heavy rain. So, we just took a pictureS then go back to Dumaguete city.

We arrived home safely, brought the beautiful story in our trip. Dumaguete is the best place to visit. It’s time to fill your life with journey. Don’t just read a story, make your own journey.

Ps. I can’t elaborate what happened to us in every destination because I’m so drowsy now. As in now, the moment I wrote this HAHAHA. Maybe you can check it out in my next adventures. If I have time to write again hahaha…

Sorry I wasn’t able to give all the details, especially the fare and itinerary here, but feel free to message me in my facebook account and ask me HOW? HAHAHA

Until next time, see you. Muahhhhh


18 thoughts on ““My Dumaguete adventure made me REALIZE to write again.”

  1. Hi idolwanderer, are you from cebu? are you connected to IdolWanderer Photography? Anyways, nice post. I have been in Negros too. Ive been to Pulang Bato and Tierra Alta as well.. Good luck in your blog.


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