“Formosa camp resort”

Summer is about to start and feels so hot, yah! I’m getting hot.

Being hot is not that easy. Sometimes you need a cold place to relax your body. Ohhhh wait, where to go? Where’s the perfect place for me?

Weeks ago, I was so excited about our upcoming Forresa Trails adventure together with my CO-SHUTTERBUGS and bloggers friends. Unfortunately, an emergency happened and I came to the point that I need to choose between family or truancy. Since family is matter most so, I can’t do nothing but to cancel my scheduled event.

I’ve felt lonely, yah! Literally lonely. My smile was gone, my heart was broken again because surely I’m gonna miss the moment to be with them😒.

However, life must go on and I need to move on. (kapoy nag linger) Ahhhw ahaha

Weekend has come, it was February 3, 2018 Saturday and they finally traveled to foressa Mountain while me πŸ˜…haha nevermind.

Anyway, I can’t stop myself for being a wanderer. We find ways and even we made a late decision, still we decided to go in Formosa camp resort. Guess, who is with me in this adventure?

I was with my beautiful youngest sister who came from Manila to spend her vacation leave here in Cebu. Also we were accompanied by my gorgeous cousin who’s currently working here.

Here’s our adventure story.
We rode a V-hire from Ayala bound to Tuburan with the fare of 140 pesos. The travel period was interesting for me since i was sitting beside with the unknown and beautiful chick also heading to tuburan. Hahaha

In the midst of our travel time, I’ve felt that the lady was leaning on my shoulder while her head was pointed on my face. hahaha

Don’t know what I’ve felt during that time, seems like I became a caring prince charming for the maintime while letting her princess to slept in his shoulder. hahahah

Can’t imagine the feelings, though😜.
Okay, go back to reality. Since, I was trained to be a gentleman so I let the lady slept on my shoulder and ohhhh our face was about to met sometimes.πŸ˜…(yung balahibo ko, kinikilig hahahha para tuloy akong nagka girlfriend agad haha)


Finally, we’ve reached the Tuburan church and we stopped there and then rode motorcycle going to Formosa Camp. It’s about 10 minutes travel time and yeahhhh we made it. (nakaabot rajud)

We were greeted by their accommodating staff with a very glamorous smile (mao diay na CAMPING AND GLAMPING ahhhhw haha).

I strolled the place and inhaled the fresh air while capturing some image of the place.
Since, we’re planning for camping so we rented a tent amounted 750 pesos good for two people and additional 350pesos for 3.

I started to love the place more than I love my ex. It has a very refreshing atmosphere. The pool was perfect and I’m sure if you bring your crush there and you are going to swim together. Definitely she’s fall for you in the poolπŸ˜‚.

Okay! Let’s move on. Haha
Since, i love photography and i found out that the place was perfect for it.
So, I called my models, prepared my tripod and also my selfie expert phone “OPPO F1S”. haha


I woke up early and went to seashore since the area was near in the sea. Doing photograph and until such time we decided to swim in the pool.
While enjoying swimming, I can’t stop capturing very moment we had.
That’s how we spent our Formosa Camping and Glamping adventure.

How to get there:

-Ride a bus from north bus terminal or v-hire from Ayala bound to Tuburan. (140 pesos v-hire and got no idea in Bus)
-Tell the conductor to stop at Tuburan Church.
-from church, ride a motorcycle bound to Formosa site for only 20 pesos fare.

Details about the place:

β˜€ DAY USE:
– P100 /head for adults, P50 for kids below 10 years old
– P300 for each cottage from 8AM to 4PM only

– Tent A (up to 2 pax): P750 /night + P150 /head entrance
– Tent B (up to 4 pax): P1,000 /night + P150 /head entrance
– Family Tent (up to 5 pax): P1,250 /night + P150 /head entrance
* We have a total of 10 tents available; bringing of own tents is NOT allowed.

– Room 1 (Standard, 2 pax): P1,750 /night
– Room 2 (Matrimonial Suite, 2 pax): P2,750 /night
– Room 3 (Standard, 4 pax): P2,750 /night
– Room 4 (Deluxe, 2 pax) with a meeting room: P3,250 /night
– Room 5 (Barkada, up to 8 pax) with own sala: P4,250 /night
* Excess charge is P350 /head/night, inclusive of entrance fee.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» For the COMPLETE details on how to get there, room pictures, contact numbers and other information, head on to http://sugbo.ph/2017/formosa-camp-resort/



23 thoughts on ““Formosa camp resort”

      1. hahahahha Buti na nga lang at alam kong walang katotohanan. hahahahaha. nag-assume ka naman dun sa babae, pagod lang sa trabaho yun pero kung nalaman nyang ikaw ang katabi nya, nakow, baka bumaba yung bigla. ahahahahaha.

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      2. Hahahaha. Maigi nang malinaw. wag ka maingay na panget ka, tandaan mo, gawa ka pa din ni Lord.

        Asa cebu pa, mamayang gabi ang flight ko pa-manila tas balik ako ng cebu ng Monday ulet. di na kita tntxt, lagi ka namang busy, di na nga ako naniniwala e.

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