“9 ways to avoid falling in love”

1.Collect and collect, then divert.

2. Put in mind that everyone has the tendency to hurt you.
3. Limit your replies. 5-10 in a conversation then end without hesitation.

4. Never believe mushy words. Anyone can make you laugh with a joke; so anyone can as well make you fall with promising lines.
5. Never ask someone to comfort you. Remember “Ang taong NAG EEMOT, MADALING MAHULOG SA TAONG NAG-COCOMFORT“.
6. Sleep late at night. More pimples, less admirers hahahaha

7. Be amazed with the moon, but never with those who promise to give it to you.

8. Do not be fooled by those sweet words. Even bubble gum loses its taste overtime. Magsasawa rin yan.
9. Let them hold your hand, but not your heart.  -ika nga- “MGA KAMAY NA PWEDING MAGHAWAKAN, NGUNIT HANGGANG KAIBIGAN LANG”.


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