“January Adventure”

Highlights of my First month in 2018…


🚢I was able to visit the Marmol cliff side trip to Molobolo river in Tuburan Cebu, city with my friend, just the two of us.

🚢Night and day trek in Mount Hambubuyog sidetrip to Inambakan falls with Laagan Nga Tikasan ” L N T ” group.

🚢Joining the Sinulog Festival and it was just like trekking, walking around anywhere in the city.

🚢My best adventure for this month was my bohol adventure. Since I’ve been planning this a month ago, either to go there solo or in a group but I’m lucky because i was accompanied by my group Team Bang – Cebu and my idol CJ Estrada.

We went to Binabaji, Alecia Bohol sidetrip to Pahangog falls in Dimiao Bohol. 

I considered my first month in 2018 as one of the best month I’ve ever had in my life.

βœ”less stress

βœ”less maoy


βœ”live life happy

βœ”no thinking about lovelife hahaha
That’s how i lived my life as idolwanderer.


33 thoughts on ““January Adventure”

      1. Hahahaha alam mo minsan parang ganyan ako…
        Kasi daming babaeng nalilink sakin but parang ayaw ko makipag commitment… Mas masaya lng ako sa char char lang hahaha

        Parang ganun sa sinabi mo 😊😊😊

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