“Our unforgettable Ginatilan adventure”

Once upon a time, in a far away land of Ginatilan Cebu City, there was a group of bravehearts who went hiking in the midst of a bad weather condition.

The adventure started on a cold Saturday night in South Bus terminal. This group, whom I am talking of, consist of eleven open-minded but close-hearted people. Johanna the gorgeous hiker, Nyox the caretaker of Johanna’s heart, Jackie the small but terrible one, Jesh the silent but clever, Eunice the harkor fresh from Manila (lab as pa😅), Jec the Chef traveler (ihawan mog bisayang manok, January the January warrior, Honey the very kind one, Maricor the modest hiker, Blossomae the walking flower (haha), and the joiner, idolwanderer, the broken-hearted traveler. 

After completing the headcount, they didn’t waste time and hurriedly rode a bus bound to Guinatilan, and another habal-habal ride to the jump off point. Despite the freezing cold ride m, they were able to reach the jump off point safely and prepared their gears for night and day trek adventure. Everyone was excited to discover the beauty of Mt. Hambubuyog, the first stop in their itinerary. 

As most hiker does, they started with a prayer and short pep-talk led by the admins of the “LAAGAN NGA TIKASAN GROUP”. When everyone was ready, without any hesitation, their itchy-feet started heading to the Hambubuyog peak. A weary and a cold weather engulfed them during the hike, but they still enjoyed the moment, talking about their experiences and personal lives. As time passed, some of them got tired and slowed down while some were walking quickly, excited to witness the sunrise. Nonetheless, like the true-blue soldiers, nobody got left behind and they walked together as a group. After a couple of hours, a plenty of hugot lines uttered by idolwanderer, and Jec’s paasa line “FIVE MINUTES NALANG AND MAABOT NA JUD TA SA SUMMIT”, eventually they reached the peak with a misty white background due to the fog.

They chose to stay in the chapel and prepared their breakfast. Everyone was busy preparing their food, some of them choose to nap, while others remained talking and enjoying each other’s company. Several minutes passed and their tummies were full. They then decided take a quick nap before descending to their the second stop which is the Inambakan Falls.

It is in the midst of clouds, they say, that we get to see a silver lining. And Idolwanderer found his luck to have Blossomae as the human blanket to his cold feet and the comforter to his cold heart.

After cherishing the moments of the once windy day, the group prepared for their descent. 

The hike commenced and you can already see the smile on their faces knowing that the sun was about to shine.

Inambakan falls”

The water is blue

my feelings for you is true

Behind this falls

Is the hidden truth

When i saw this beautiful view 

Its only remind me that i love you


8 thoughts on ““Our unforgettable Ginatilan adventure”

    1. Hehe ya super mich������I wish too … And hoping that if you will-visit here in Cebu it would be Sunday so that i can give you my full-time to tour you anywhere you go in the-City or in the province 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Agnes😊
      Wow! What a beautiful compliment from you..
      Anyway thankyou… Much better if it would be Sunday, so that i can accompany you here in your adventure 😊

      And I’ve checked your feed, you have an awesome Adventure also 😊😊😊


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