“She’s my beautiful doctor”

I met a girl a couple of weeks ago.

She looks innocent,

Acts like an office girl

She was wearing heels in the city

And a trekking shoes in the valley

She knows how to dance, to write and to sing.

She is a talented girl.

One day, when I was alone and empty

She became my angel and saved me from agony

To be my blanket when i was cold

And a good companion in solitude

She healed my wounds caused by pain

My broken heart became whole again

She’s not a doctor in profession 

But she healed my heart like it was her mission 😊


22 thoughts on ““She’s my beautiful doctor”

      1. December is the busiest month for me..i own and run a business which i established after resigning from the University i used to teach…so December is really a busy month …

        I will be posting soon..i just have to check in what’s goin on in your blog..

        Liked by 1 person

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