“The world is full of wonder to those who do not wander”

Sometimes in life, we keep on asking why?

A hundred of thoughts running in our mind and most of it were all question.

Why I became like this? Why am I not rich? Why am I not talented? Why, why, why?

We had thousands of question to ask than a story to tell.

My friend…

Why don’t you try to wander? Instead of sitting and wonder.

Try to discover something new.  Explore and satisfy once thirst fulfillment.

Life is full of question for those who do not quest for answer.

Wanderlust while you are still young. Embrace the cold air, the sand, and the dust.

Meet different people and be open-minded about their ideas, from it you will learn.

Do soul-searching, get lost in the woods and find yourself little by little.

Through journey, you can discover new things. You will learn that friendship is more important than money.

As long as you have a courage to travel, there’s always a chance that you can find the answer.

Roam around and be storyteller, impart inspiration and don’t settle for less because believe me, you will miss the best.

11 thoughts on ““The world is full of wonder to those who do not wander”

  1. Wow! it’s amazing 😊❤how i wish you can also visit Philippines. So that i get a a chance to meet you in personal. It’s nice to know that in this blogging community. I found you.


    1. Ohhh really? Wow! Glad to know that 😊 there was a time in my life that I’ve always asking what are the benefits i get whenever i will go to wander? Then, I’ve got the answer. Through wander, i discovered my talent, through wander i became more confident, through wander i found the answer…

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      1. You speak my thoughts. I’m a traveller but I also think deeply about life and I also have discovered and am following my passions through my love of travel. Nice to connect. 🙂

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