“A very memorable year end camping ” 

(ofelia with a lovely dog)

(The stunning jumpshot of idol Wilfred a.k.a predo wolf)

(idol ofelia)

Here’s the short story behind this adventure:

I admit, these past days. I was no longer excited to a day hike adventure anymore. In fact, my friends knows about it. I don’t know what happened, but just felt it. Maybe I’d like to try something new or maybe I’d like to focus more about in my dreams.
Nevertheless, my friends invited me for a year end camping. Then, I told to myself. What if I would give it a try. So, last December 30 we had our camping together with these pals and it gave me a truly memorable fun and experience I never had. Maybe, it is enough reasons for me to climb again.
(I was with wilfred, ofelia, kevin and others group of mountaineers in this adventure)

(timer shot, credit idol wilfred)

(Idol Kevin The Heartthrob hiker)

                          “Mount Naupa”

If you wanna see a brighten star

Away from the crowded city where you can find the beautiful valley

Call your friends, chat them all, prepare for the unplanned camping

Leave your burden, bring your tent, let’s go to stunning mountain

Day hike or night trek, it’ will give you fun and memorable trip

Whenever you get there, maybe it’s the perfect time for you to forget her

Feel the moment, embrace the air, ohh..how lovely if you spend it with your partner

Twinkle star, city light, it might be one of the best things you need to see while enjoying the night

Chasing sunset, chasing sunrise, as long as you have food and the weather is good

Naupa offers a perfect camping site that you surely be like…

(i was with idol arnold the harkor, idol manilyn the kind one, idol alton the dotaboy and ofcourse my team)

(meet idol pretty lhara na mala Erich ang ganda. Hiker, singer and also a lover pero single😢)

Until my next and first adventure for 2018…


5 thoughts on ““A very memorable year end camping ” 

    1. Thank you idol! Actually it was my first time to camp in a mountain and such a very unforgettable experienced indeed.

      Looking forward that i can with the adrenaline romance one of these days …

      Happy new year both sir/ma’am idol..

      Liked by 1 person

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