After celebrating the Christmas Eve with families. Lieve and I planned for another trip last of December. We discussed his life as a coffee lover before he eventually became a mountaineer. Since I started to love spending my weekends on a coffee shop these past days, our ideas clicked. We decided to have a coffee shop hopping together haha. We invited some of our friends, but they were busy and others choose to stay in their house since it was the most special day of the year. At exactly 11am, lieve and I met at Ayala Terminal. We didn’t waste our time and went to Cafe Tiala as our first stop. After a few minutes of walking from Ayala, finally we reached the shop and found out that no one was there except lieve, myself, and the person incharged. 

Smile on my face. knowing that we can do anything there without rumpus since we were the only customer inside. We made our order and plan our first things to do. 
The coffee shop has many things to offer. It has comfortable room that will surely give you a relaxing atmosphere and you can even watch a free movie while enjoying the moments with your partner or friends. 

The most funniest trip we did was the changing of clothes differently – from ugly filipino to a witty oppa(korean).Since we both love photography and the place offers an instagramic vicinity, so we’ve took a snapshot together from different position and angle….haha Lieve did all his funny pose hahaha since lieve is a type of joker, but a very responsible person, and a best friend as well.

 After having photo shoot, we decided to relax and watch a movie entitled “THE AUTOPSY OF JOEN DAE”. The movie was scary indeed and offers vomiting scenery. I wasn’t able to watch every part of the movie because we were busy editing the pictures, having a conversation and replying the chat of our friends.

When the movie finally ended, after several minutes later, lievy asked me “WHERE’S THE COMFORT ROOM?”. Hahaha and guess what happened😅 I gave him the exact location in a scary way hahahaI told him that the CR was located distance away from the shop and you will pass through the dark and creepy pathway😅. The incharged also told him that the light was malfunctioning, it’s automatically on and off “BLINK BLINK” and the story became more horrible. I saw the frightened face of lieve even he didn’t say anything so I told him that we go to CR together. While in the CR I positioned near the door and when lieve wasn’t looking at me, I closed the door hard and BANG haha then pretending that the door was automatically closed caused by the invisible force and I told him that something’s went wrong. To make the story more convincing i used my actor dramatic aura seems like I’m scared and left him alone and ran… hahaha I have no plan of leaving him alone rather I was looking for a place to hide myself and looks like the surrounding cooperated with my trip, I saw a big box and perfectly formed like a coffin. I opened it and hold up the cover and it’s enough for me to hide myself. Few seconds passed and felt like he was approaching where i was hiding. I’m prepared myself for the surprise. My heart was beating so fast. When he finally got nearer, I closed the cover of the box and can’t stop laughing as i saw his face reaction, screaming and trying to close his zipper hahahaha.
I couldn’t imagine how bad I am…hahaha After the hilarious experienced we had, we left the Cafe Tiala and proceed to our next stop the Pokemon coffee shop. 

Unfortunately the shop was closed and we don’t have enough time to visit the other Cafe so we decided to make it in another day. That’s how we spent our Christmas COFFEE SHOP HOPPING DAY .


3 thoughts on ““COFFEE SHOP HOPPING”

  1. Oh wow…i am now dying of envy…i so love coffee…and you..did what exactly i have been doing in as far as i could remember…coffee is the blood that fuels my pen..which oozes down to my heart and soul that gives birth to beautiful poetry…and if you noticed most of my poems were results of me evesdropping in a coffee shop…..

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  2. As i remembered I asked maria if ever we meet 3, where does the perfect place we could stay and she said in COFFEE prince hehe At least we both love to spend our time in coffee shop❤❤❤


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