“A gift to remember”

When your beautiful friend called you to pick up her gift for you. Too much happiness enwrapped me knowing that someone will give me a stuff for this chrismas.
Now, got it ❤
I didn’t expect this😇 

A book from RICK WARREN😍 

Just dreaming this few days ago, wishing that someone will give me a book.
no words can express my feelings right now. I don’t know how to show my gratitude.

For me it’s not simply a gift, it is a special thing that would definitely help me to become better than what i am today.

In my life, i wasn’t dreaming to become a writer. But these past days, writing became my hobby and now eventually became a passion.

Feel so great and lucky knowing that i have a thoughtful and supportive friend, who helped me to develop and enhance my talent especially in writing.
I’ll keep practicing more given the support that my friend shown. 😊😊😊


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