“Another December without you”

Stargazing at the stars above

Thinking of the person that I dearly love

Another set of lonely days and nights 

Knowing that you left and is out of my sight

I closed my eyes and slowly let the tears fall down

A suppressed scream uttered in my mouth

Opened the radio and listened to a song 

Ohhh how sad that it’s playing all about Christmas songs

Reminiscing the moments that you were here

A moment in December when I gave you a teddy bear

All I have now are memories

Between you and those Christmas days

In my heart  you are forever mine and I am yours

Spending this season without you once more 😢


11 thoughts on ““Another December without you”

    1. Hey Idol!
      Yes my pretty mentor i will 😊
      Enjoy your vacay and don’t forget to send my best regards to your parents and tell them a merry merry Christmas😊😊😊
      And sa imuha sad idol merry merry christmas


  1. Makakanta nga 🎼🎶 ehem ehem … sound chekkkk — you were not alone 🎵 I am feeling same way too … though their far away, we’re always here to stay🎙🎹.

    Pak pak pak. Ganun! Buti nga kayo may pinagsamahang christmas ee. Lol


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