“Since the day you went away”

I was lying alone in the dark room

Thinking about old memories that brought me into dejection

Turned on my phone and listened to our favorite music 

Preparing my emotion as I feel every lyrics 

Slowly tears fell down in my eyes while you entered my mind

I know our memories captured me again and left me bind

Until when will i suffer this kind of situation

Spending my days doing nothing but looking back at our past relation 

I spin my head outside in the window

the weather was good and the sky was blue

Pointed my eyes to the cloud formations 

Little by little it turned into a beautiful creation

Hurriedly I rose and get your picture in the album 

Imagined that the girl above was you and in my mind it was perfectly drawn

That’s how i spent the whole day escaping the reality

I was always this way since the day you went away


15 thoughts on ““Since the day you went away”

    1. Thankyou so much❀.. It’s always been my honor receiving a wonderful compliment from you 😊
      It motivates me a lot to practice more in english writing.

      (as always i consult and asked the help of maria to check my grammar before i publish it 😊❀❀❀)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope i havent but been in touch with her..and i wanted to…i am currently in bacolod and i usually have business trip ik cebu..the next i am there will let you both know..


    1. Hala wow really nagustuhan nimo idol? Hehhew
      thankyou so much ninyo sa support..

      Diko muhunong practice English idol ug hoping na someday mapareha ko ninyo…

      As of now permi ko ngayo support idol maria para e check akong mga past and futurr tense kay diha ko hina man gud hehehe

      Liked by 1 person

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